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How do i get free Cannabis?

It's very easy. You'll click the get started button below. Download authorized mobile phone apps and/or fill out surveys. Once you will out surveys you'll earn points. These points you can redeem for free cannabis. Keep in mind our *$50.00 minimum delivery charge still applies.

How many points do i need?

15 Points is equilvent to $1.00

*You'll need atleast a $50 minimum to cover our delivery fee.

You'll need 750 points for $50 worth of product and free delivery.

You can also use your points for discounted product. Every 15 points you recieve you'll get $1.00 off your order. Please notify our dispatch team before checking out as we will need to verify your points.

Please input your E-Mail Address below. This will be used to verify your points upon cashing out.